Commercial Wind Turbine Development Company


TFC Energy is developing a unique wind turbine design that is value optimized to be economically efficient in harnessing energy from a broader spectrum of wind speeds, including moderate winds. 

Our focus is distributed wind technology (DWT): small wind turbine systems from 10kW up to 50kW targeted for commercial applications.  Our design employs advanced control features born from technologies found only in larger utility-scale wind systems but at a favorable cost.

We recognize a vast market opportunity in commercial and municipal buildings and facilities as benefactors of distributed energy technology.  Commercial-sized distributed energy applications provide substantive alternative power solutions to supplement a customer’s energy needs.

Key Benefits

  • Lower cost of energy — reliable value-optimized distributed energy concept offsets escalating utility-supplied energy prices.
  • Reduced carbon footprint — distributed renewable “GREEN” power supplementing fossil fuel-generated electricity.
  • Faster investment payback — federal tax credits, state grant programs, and qualified accelerated asset depreciation lower initial capital investment.


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